At Windhill Goldens, our first priority has always been to create a line of dogs with outstanding dispositions ~ calm, friendly, happy pets who are eager to please their families. Our dogs have excellent pedigrees, with great conformation, obedience, and hunting potential. 



Savannah’s Photo Gallery


Our Breeding Female:

Intl./Nat. Champion Windhill Savannah Sunrise, CGC

AKC# SR99990612  UKC#R281-536  IABCA 41406                (DOB 6/21/2017)

Windhill Savannah Sunrise was born and raised right here at Windhill Kennels. She is the daughter of our beautiful therapy dog, Breezy, and Goldpuppies Sir Duece.  Savannah has the sweetest temperament you can possibly imagine!  She has earned her IABCA International and National Champion Conformation Titles, points toward her UKC Champion Title, and has completed the first legs of her URO1 Obedience and AKC CD Titles. She is a joyful girl who always seems to wear a smile. Savannah enjoys people and other dogs and has the mellow nature we have come to expect in our Goldens. Savannah will retrieve ANYTHING (including entire tree branches!) and has siblings who amedium light golden coat, a well proportioned physique, and beautiful, classic Golden head. She has her OFA health clearances and produced her first litter in March, 2020, and a second litter in May, 2021.



Neil’s Photo Gallery

Our Current Stud Dog:

U-CH Northwoods Turn on Your Heart Light  

AKC# SR86768801    (DOB 2/14/2015)

“Northwoods Neil” is a sweet, charming fellow with a calm and affectionate personality. He has a rich, lustrous red-gold coat and has potential to produce both light golden and dark golden puppies, or anything in between! He is an accomplished show champion, having earned his UKC Champion Title, multiple Best of Breed and Best of Group distinctions, and two Best in Show wins!  He has also earned several AKC conformation points. He is owned and trained by Cathy Twistol, owner of Northwoods Kennels.

Neil descends from a long line of exceptional conformation and agility champion Goldens, including dogs from Rush Hill, Summit, and Asterling. These Goldens have demonstrated all-around intelligence, versatility, and hunting potential; earning advanced titles in agility, obedience, and working dog certificates in addition to conformation championships. Health and OFA clearances have shown generations of exceptionally sound and healthy dogs. He and Breezy produced 12 healthy puppies together in 2019. The following year, he and Savannah produced 6 outstanding puppies. In 2021, he and Savannah had 7 more!


Breezy’s Photo Gallery



Our Retired Female:

Summer Breeze, CD, CGC, URO1, ThD

AKC# SR78563801  UKC#R256-238    (DOB 7/10/2013)

Windhill Summer Breeze (“Breezy”) is an important member of our family! She is also a product of  Windhill Kennels, born in 2013 to Windhill Kiah Mae of Stolzman and Autumn’s Tanner Sport. Breezy is a perfectly versatile family dog! She is intelligent, yet responsive and eager to please; she is mellow and calm, yet inquisitive and playful; she LOVES to retrieve and has had litter mates and offspring who have become very successful hunting companions; she is loving and attentive to the moods and feelings of the people and other animals around her; and she is well proportioned and beautiful, with her mother’s blocky head and gorgeous light golden color.

Breezy is an active, certified therapy dog, serving in the National Community Service Award winning Bemidji Area Reading Canine (BARC) program.  She has also completed her AKC Companion Dog (CD) Title and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Title, earned her first UKC Rally Obedience Title (URO1), and is currently training for advanced obedience titles, having completed two legs of her URO2 title. At her last competition, she placed first in the Level 2 Rally Obedience group. She is my “Sweetheart”, who came to me as my grown kids started moving on in their lives and will do just about anything for me! She has been an excellent, attentive mother and all of her puppies have turned out to be amazing dogs!  Breezy is now retired from breeding and will pass on her line through Savannah.

Pedigree and OFA Health Information